The Genomic Gutenberg Project – Writing the Living Novels of the Future

by Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D.

Koheleth SeqDecoding the over 3 billion DNA base pairs comprising the human genome was a monumental scientific/engineering achievement.  Learning to read genomes was only the beginning and leading scientists propose it is time to develop the capacity to literally write them (1).  Pushing far beyond today’s limits The Human Genome Project-Write will develop the ways and means to manufacture large DNA molecules and edit genomes with them.  One of the ultimate goals is to synthesize the complete genetic code of any organism, including humans.  There seems little doubt the spin-off technologies from the project will be transformative and will almost certainly foster an avalanche of new discoveries in many fields.

It is impossible to envision the full implications of this audacious proposal, but many scientists are in a total tizzy over the amazing…

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