While We Wait for a Scientific Miracle Cure:
Investigating Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

By Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn

Amyloid plaques photo courtesy of Alex Roher

If you follow Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research news you may have noticed momentous discoveries that might lead to a cure are announced regularly.  A Google search of “Alzheimer’s disease breakthrough” will provide numerous examples.  Regrettably, these promising results have not been translated into effective treatments and AD continues to take a terrible toll.

The good news is that average life expectancy has increased substantially over the last hundred years since Alois Alzheimer described the first case of early-onset dementia that has come to bear his name.  The bad news is that a significant risk factor for AD development is advanced age and we have experienced an ominous increase in dementia incidence as people live longer.  The really bad news is that this trend is projected to…

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