There’s been a lot of talk around the health food store lately about coconuts being a miracle cure for Alzheimer’s disease and tofu causing it. Being that I have the good fortune of friendship with one of the few doctors who is actually working to cure the disease, I asked him to write an article for JayVay.com that would put the rumors to rest and tell us where the science is in terms of prevention. He answered the call and here it is. Thanks again, Tyler.  — Jeremy Vaeni

Alzheimer’s Disease:

Eat More Reality


Tyler A. Kokjohn

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  Worse, we have no reason to expect one to be forthcoming any time soon.  Why is it so hard to do anything about this terrible condition?  One problem is that we still cannot identify a specific cause for AD dementia.  The brains of AD…

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